Nothing Happens for a Reason

This is not the first cooperation by Rehberger and Artek. In 2009, Tobias Rehberger was awarded with a Golden Lion for Best Artist at the Venice Biennale for the permanent installation he created for Palazzo delle Esposizioni in cooperation with Artek.

“I like the idea of creating a visual art project which is about ‘not seeing something’. The painting method of battle ships in the first and second World War, the so called dazzle painting, in a way for me perfectly represents this paradox. The sculpture I created for Turku is based on the same concept as the one in Venice. It applies a completely different pattern to the space, but despite its very different look, it should have the same dazzling effect,” says Rehberger.

“The Venice Biennale installation is a wonderful example of how art, architecture and design all come together in an outstanding international project. Artek’s cooperation with Tobias Rehberger has been continuous as Artek is quite at home in the world of art, where new visions and bold actions create strong impressions and dialogue,” says Artek’s Managing Director Mirkku Kullberg.

Tobias Rehberger (b. 1966) began his career in the early 90’s and has exhibited widely world wide ever since. Rehberger is interested in the conflict between functionalism and aesthetics, and likes to question and play with the notion of art and its various strategies. Using several media and different approaches, Rehberger’s conceptual work break traditional boundaries with exceptional combinations of painting, sculpture, architecture and design.


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