New Longchamp Racecourse

The renewal of the Longchamp racecourse aims at affirming its leading position in the Grand Paris, and on the stage of the greatest racecourses of the world.

Therefore this ambition should encompass not only a significant architectural project, but that is capable of adapting to future evolutions, as well as transforming the territory, enhancing both the heritage buildings and centuries old landscape.

The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, is the climax of the racecourse life. Its’ attempting the impossible to receiving in comfortable conditions this event for up to 55 000 spectators on site, but also more confidential ones with an average of 10 000 people, on regular meetings.

The1960’s aging grandstand ensemble shall be demolished, and be replaced by a more compact yet more functional unique stand. The support buildings, presently spread out across the site, will also be demolished and reconstructed as pavilions in a park, like the ones found in France’s grand domaine. The heritage buildings will be renovated, preserving their century’s old charm.

The architecture of the Grandstand is in motion, like a racing horse. A sensible movement of the stands creates a leaning effect of the building towards the finish line, creating balconies overlooking the parad ring on one side, and sun and rain protection on the other side.
The idea is not to have a front and back of house but that each façade offers views and a specific quality, always in relation with the landscape, the sky and the tracks.

The New Longchamp project shall set a milestone in sustainable strategies for racecourse equipment, through active and passive devices.

To sum up, the project promotes:
– a greener site by fostering new lawns, trees and plantation;

– a more ecological complex through the production of renewable energies on site as well as through the lowering of buildings energy consumptions;

– a more flexible racecourse proposing varied places and environments that will allow new activities for a larger audience and specific reception areas by type of public;

– and finally a more pleasant site for all users, horses, riders, owners and public.


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Route des Tribunes, Paris, 75116, France

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