NB House by tactic-a

When we started the project, we realized that our customers (a couple of different nationalities) had, between them, very different expectations of how a house should be and what their ways of inhabiting it. This motivated us to use multiple formal palettes and different approaches to the programmatic issue with the intention that at the end of the process both recognize it as their own.
This resulted in the use of old materials such as brick, wood and slate, used in contemporary language. The inclusion of these elements was technically exploited to increase the thermal inertia in walls and roof. This in combination with the plan diagram double boomerang shaped, in which all spaces overlook outward in at least two of its facades, allows cross ventilation in full.
Likewise multiplies this area and therefore facade contact with the outer doing the same functions of a radiator that dissipates heat through fins.
This allowed the decrease almost 100% using thermal comfort equipment, which together with the use of photovoltaic and photo-thermal cells make a house with high energy efficiency.
The program was resolved so that public spaces are completely open to the larger garden, overlooking the mountains and the prey, while private areas have only small glimpses of the interior gardens through the windows that take advantage of the wall thickness to becoming seats.


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Privada Montes Urales 108, Leon Guanajuato, 37128, Mexico

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