Navy Yard

This light industrial building sited within the Sands Street Gateway on the west side of the Brooklyn Navy Yard was designed to meet the certification standards for LEED Gold. A few of the environmentally-sensitive elements in this design that contribute to its LEED potential include: designing the roof for the collection and treatment of rainwater for landscaping and/or building use; creating green roof areas that mitigate the heat island effect and provide enjoyable outdoor spaces; and strategically-designed passive lighting and ventilation features that increase occupant comfort and decrease the load on the mechanical systems. The most visible spaces are green, outdoor public spaces, serving the introspection and repose of the building’s tenants, which are elevated to create a uniquely human plateau. The traffic of the trucks is tucked away beneath a large cantilever, which confines the large vehicles to their own outdoor volume. The building’s core is concealed behind a louver system that acts upon the entire south-facing façade and symbolically occurs on both human and machine-like scales.


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Sands St, New York, New York, 11201, United States

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