Nautic Cleb of Aldeia do Mato

The project of the of the Aldeia do Mato’s Nautic Club in Abrantes, is a consequence of a process of building two prototypes with characteristics of self-sufficiency. This module is designed for excellence to be installed in places that do not allow major changes in terms of construction and environment, for example, in parks, where construction is contrary to the principle of the park in areas already held, on beaches, in areas virtually where it is not possible for various reasons have access to infrastructure.
Each module is based on the width dimensions of 3.00 by 9.00 compliance with a scouring 27m2. This structure is intended to be previously prepared without offering any work on the site where they will be installed, and must be transported by truck or helicopter. Each module or container besides tackling new forms of appropriation of space, intended to be open to the use of new materials and technologies enabling greater energy control and using the characteristics of strength and lightness that can provide other materials.


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Aldeia do Mato, Portugal

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