Multi-Story Car Park

Following the awarded competition entry for a new parking garage in the centre of Skopje, PPAG in cooperation with Milan Mijalkovic has been commissioned to build the façade of the Ulica Mito Hagjivasilev Jasmine parking garage. The City´s wish for a baroque façade is interpreted in a way that only can occur in the present time.

The starting point is a collage by Anna Popelka (made from photographs her daughter Andrea took): distorted perspective views of a historic Vienna street façade- added to form an endless pattern. For the new façade, this collage was again materialized in 3-D, fragmented in 4 layers and assembled to an endless pattern. A high-tech process leads to a product that in its impression seems to fulfill the sentimental desires of the community´s decision makers. The façade elements can be laser-cut without overlap out of white panels. During the day the light enters through the ripped body and casts a silhouette of shadows onto the cars. In the evening the light shines out of the parking garage, the façade becomes a lampshade.


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Skopje, Macedonia

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