Multistory Car Park and Bus Dock

The building is approached from rationality, which is present in the in urban planning, constructive conception from a prefabricated concrete structure or standardized materials that close the building: aluminum and polycarbonate. We proposed to the Property and to the town council  the modification of the current urban development plan to eliminate the basement and lift one floor above the ground. Thus, the building could ventilate naturally avoiding CO2 extraction. This decision brought the obligation to open facades for which we choose a standardized and easily perforated metal sheet with an easy restitution. . The volume is in a rectangular parcel with two overlapping orders, the first is an opaque plinth with human scale, a big bench in the buses dock, with occasional openings for access of vehicles and people. The higher order is a large aluminium prism in cantilever above the bus dock creating a porch.


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Leioa, Biscay, Spain

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