mtz Münchner Technologiezentrum

Our signage system for the Münchner Technologiezentrum combines media elements with graphical, analogue elements to create a unified whole. Starting out from an assumed centre point in the entrance area, concentric circles stretch out around the building.

An information wall in the entrance area shows the visitor in which building the company he is looking for is located and introduces him to the colour coding system.

The illuminated cubes point the way to the appropriate part of the building with the aid of animated typography. The colours stand for the various building modules.

Visitors also find the concentric circles on the ceilings in the staircase cores. The varying curve of the circles defines the distance from the centre.

In addition there is an touchscreen intercom system in the entrance area. With just a few presses, you can get to the company and also view the building as a whole.


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München, Germany

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