Mineta San Jose International Airport Terminal B

The City of San Jose and Mineta San Jose International Airport undertook a major modernization to meet changing airline needs and increasingly discerning passenger demands. The 1.3-billion Terminal Area Improvement Program TAIP also injected Silicon Valleys inventive persona into San Joses primary commercial airport.

Construction of Terminal B anchored a complex, five-part design-build program that reflects the citys reputation for innovation. An accent on people and place is expressed in state-of-the-art in-line baggage handling, ticketing and security; heightened passenger amenities, and an aesthetic that mixes futuristic design with practical considerations to unify the airport in style and functionality.

The 2010 project transformed a civic gateway, including its emphasis on sustainability. Terminal B is the first entirely new passenger terminal west of the Mississippi River to achieve LEED Silver certification. Sustainable strategies included energy-efficient glazing, water conservation measures that achieve 75 less water use than in a conventional building, and recycling or reuse of 94 of construction waste. .

Area residents nicknamed the new 142,870-square-foot Terminal B the Telescope, fitting for an elongated form that meets the limitations of a narrow site while referencing views of the future. A curved, perforated steel and glass facade permits abundant, yet filtered, interior daylight, and provides advanced earthquake protection. The metal faades three ground connections allow it to slide up to 28 inches during seismic activity.

From curbside to airside, Terminal B establishes a logical sense of order. Soaring ceilings promote an open feeling and aid traveler orientation. Custom designs abound, from a terrazzo floor that provides subtle wayfinding cues, to the national debut of the Zenky Air Chair. Developed by airport officials, Zoeftig, and terminal architects, the Zenky replaces obtrusive floor vents with energy-saving displacement diffusers in the chairs bases.


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1701 Airport Boulevard, San Jose, 95110,