Metro Station Sofia – Competition Entry

Bright, friendly and safe – are these the appropriate words to describe an underground station? We say yes. Our concept of a multifunctional underground station combines these attributes together in order to meet the requirements of its environment as well as of its users.

We decided to plan an open station which means that the platform has a direct connection to the street level. This is possible with the help of transparent lightwells which bring daylight into the dark zones of this underground station. They are made out of VSG-Glas and they are thus weather-proof and break-proof. Due to these lightwells we demonstrate that it is worth it to present the underground system of Sofia as a modern and innovative means of transportation. The inside becomes visible for the outside and vice versa. With this concept the suburbs of Sofia gain one more attraction not only because of the lightwells but also because of the three levels we planned. There is not only the platform separated from the street level there is also a shopping passage included. All these three levels are connected to each other which makes this station not only a connection between the city centre and the airport but also a unique location for Sofia’s residents.

Four entrance areas make the access to the underground station easy. Two are situated at the main traffic artery directly. Here passengers have the opportunity to change to the bus lines. These areas are roofed.


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Sofia, Bulgaria

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