MBA Building University of Malaysia

The main idea is to concept an ecocompatible building to be integrated in the malesian green landscape with a low energetic impact on the environment but still able to represent the academic institution of MBA and Economy as a monumentum to the tradition of the school. The university buildings in the surround influence the orientation of the new building organized on a serie of communicational paths that flow inside the plot. Specific points of view and prospective determine the volume. As the project is inspired to Feng Shui cretaria those paths acquire a curve shape as no edges and straightness is allowed to not point at any other item around. Eights tall curves structural paths symbolize the number 8 Feng Shui lucky number on which the building is structured and go over the paths. The new building is a result of this paths flow. Green Smoth copper surfaces take into account the good colour from Feng Shui principles. They stand together with concrete walls and glass facades that allow the natural daylight to enter the interior spaces. The building is divided into two main masses where all the functions are located. In between a fluent courtyard lead from the lobby to main staircases and elevators. The courtyard hosts a water stream and a fall when water from the rain is let slide down artificially. Wind, water and light are catch together to maintain the building alive without a massive use of artificial energy and power. Several glass facades can have an opening mechanism in order to allow a natural ventilation cooling. The stream of water and vaporized water made by the falls helps cooling down the interior temperature. The particular shape of the building is designed to get the maximum shading factor possible on the facades. Large mirrored curtain walls reflect the environment and set the new Mba building in its surrounding.


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Kuala Lumpur, 50xxx, Malaysia


  • Bicuadro Architects