Massey Library & Leisure Centre

The first stage of this project was completed in December 1998 and commenced operation as a YMCA fitness centre in January 1999. Stage One included a 1052m2 multi-purpose community centre and sports hall, aerobics and meeting rooms, creche, change rooms, offices and staff facilities. A main foyer connecting Stage One to further developments was also provided.

Stage Two which was completed in December 2001 includes a Citizens Advice Bureau and further community meeting spaces including a Library and change rooms.

Presentations at community board meetings and liaison with an arts coordinator were an integral part of both stages.

The overall complex includes a number of sustainable building design features including
• Water collection and non potable re-use
• Natural clerestory lighting and ventilation
• Below ground mass cooling ventilation ducts
• Evaporative air cooling over water at floor level air intake louvres
• Façade treatment for solar gain prevention
• Energy efficient lighting
• Photovoltaic installation (currently under development)


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Massey, Aukland, New Zealand

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