Proposed Marine Terminal

“Caven Point Marine Terminal”, design, drawings, visualization & models by: J. F. Bautista
The Caven Point Marine Terminal facility design seeks to identify the three major program components of the facility through its architecture. For programming purposes, the design team identified the three major building components for the CPMT as:

  1. Administrative Offices.
  2. Warehouse / Labs.
  3. Maintenance Facilities.

Due to the impacts of coastal flooding and storm surge, special attention had to be given to the facility’s planning in an effort to protect the building in the event of a storm equivalent to Superstorm Sandy. Upon review of the programming graphics, it will be realized by the reviewer that each component has specific operational and functional requirements that can be identified in both plan and elevation which relate to the durability requirement and the area sensitivity of the components contained within.


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Caven Point, New Jersey, United States

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