Manhattan Loft

Originally a 2-Bedroom corner unit, this loftis on the top floor in a turn-of-the-century 6-story residential building overlooking Hudson River. Designed for flexibility and converted into a large fluid space it sits atop the hill with 9 windows that look out to the river and Palisade Park across Hudson. With its sliding glass walls, new hardwood floors and white walls the design embraces minimalist approach and attention to detail. Sparse finishes give clarity without visual clutter. The industrial, modernist aesthetics reflects the lifestyle of the inhabitants, and is complemented by the existing dumb-waiter – a found object, celebrated as local/urban archaeology in this 90+ years old building. Decision to expose the structural wood beams in the ceiling and one of the brick walls allows for dramatic juxtaposition of rustic with modern, while the lines of the beams in the ceiling alter perception of the depth by constantly flattening or elevating the sense of space.


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Riverside Drive, New York, New York, United States


  • de.Sign Studio LLC