Mall Forum Mittelrhein

The shopping mall ´Forum Mittelrhein´ and the Kulturbau ‘Forum Confluentes’ together form the design for the redevelopment of the central square of Koblenz. This square, the Zentralplatz (Central Square), not only connects the various districts of Koblenz with each other but also has an important function as a public transport interchange and place where various pedestrian flows come together.

The mall Forum Mittelrhein presents itself as a flat, horizontal layered structure. On relevant junctions within the urban fabric, the mall offers spacious entrances and invites visitors to follow the pedestrian flows and to ‘glide’ through the building. The shopping center is characterized by its trapezoidal layout and smooth outlines. The areas intertwined with escalators provide orientation points, divide the building and provide the interior with natural light. This, in combination with the great spaciousness, gives a high-level of amenity and a pleasant ambience for the user. Across the intense colors of the void edges, powerful accentuations are applied that create a vivid image.

The top three floors of the building are dominated by an artificial “Weinlaub façade” (wine leaf façade). The basis of the structure is an abstract image of a vine leaf, which is interpreted freely as a 3D-shape. The entire façade is composed out of only one type of element, that is produced in large quantities and high quality in an industrial thermoforming process. Approximately 2,900 identical, three-dimensional shaped aluminum elements, painted in three different shades of green, form this distinctive façade.


Project Type


Koblenz, Germany


  • Benthem Crouwel Architekten
  • Jens Kirchner