Maier Hall

Maier Hall is a multidisciplinary center for arts, humanities, and instructional support programs located at Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington. Designed to create a place for students and faculty to engage in the colleges academic community, the new facility serves the Colleges mission of becoming the central point for higher education on the Olympic Peninsula. Maier Hall is sited harmoniously within the complex landscape of its site, which includes virgin forests, wetlands, and an ecologically sensitive ravine all adjacent to the college campus. It serves as an edge to the existing campus and as a gateway to the wetlands and forest to the south. An openair breezeway allows students to pass through the building from the campus to the forest and leads them to a viewing platform at the wetland edge. The building features extensive use of natural light and ventilation, bringing students into direct contact with the unique environment of the campus.

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1502 East Lauridsen Blvd, Port Angeles, Washington, 98362,