The transformation of a mid-century bungalow in Sint-Denijs-Westrem into a house/office.
Living and working meet as they are both forseen in the open space plan.
Main concepts were controlling the natural light and functional flexibility, as well as the given fact that the site is situated in an area sensitive to yearly inundations.
The house is placed on a base as if it were an island. On this concrete pedestal a black volume with a curious 3D profile emerges: a three dimensional variation on the traditional shed with 4 skylights defining the space.
These fanlights are directed north thus generating an exceptionally equal and clear natural light in the interior.
Special attention was dedicated to details. They control the physical and structural characteristics as well as the aesthetics of the building.
The open plan allows infinite flexibility. The use of natural materials (concrete, steel, aluminium, black zinc) supports the timeless and monolithical character of the building.
All the furniture is unique and was conceived by NU architectuuratelier.


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Sint-Denijs-Westrem, Belgium

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