Le Quartier Des Automatistes

Inspired by the Champ-De-Mars Metro Station designed by Marcelle Ferron, Le Quartier des Automatistes is an ode to the vestiges of Montréal’s golden era of cultural and artistic development in the 1950s. Le Quartier—which includes 2 restaurants, a library, a concert hall and a museum—was engendered from the same evocative randomness of the surreal language of the Automatistes “as a way to escape rational control and to delve unimpeded into the uncharted depths of the subconscious.” Maintaning an ambiguous relationship to both the Ville-Marie Expressway, and the flow of pedestrians on the opposite side, Le Quartier des Automatistes ultimately aims to revitalize a fractured area of Canada’s “City of Winter Lights.”


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Montreal, Canada

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