Le Petit Mont

It is from the desire and will of the owner of this little house, to stand up to nature, that we begin to conceptualize the forms, material and relationship to the site.

The client told us a lot about himself and his life. He said he wanted to have a house symbolizing his life, petite in size but un-yielding to the big mountains and the large world.

So this 160square meter house takes in large views of surrounding mountain from each space; the 3 masses are open to the best view of the site: a simultaneous duel and conversation with nature.

At the same time, the interior of the house takes on a gentler aspect of nature; expressing the winding brook that passes the site.  The exterior material is concrete, hard and durable like that surrounding mountains.

Interior material and surface treatment are simple and elegant, leaving large white surfaces to catch the light and shadows of nature. The Petit mont is not a retirement home, or a luxury country retreat, or a trophy house. It is a statement against and with nature.  It endures with nature, as long as the enduring qualities of its inhabitants.


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Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Republic of

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  • Hyunho Lee AIA, James Wei Ke, Kyungmin Kim, Kiryung Kim, Narae Yang
  • Youngchae Park