Las Margaritas

Program: Social Center.
Location: Las Margaritas, San Luís Potosí, Mexico.
Status: Built.
Architectural project: Dellekamp Arquitectos | Derek Dellekamp + TOA Taller de Operaciones Ambientales.
Dellekamp team: Jachen Schleich, Jérémie Dagaud, Miguel Ortigão, Rita Sarzedas. Photograhy: Lara Becerra.

Located in the desert of Potosi Plateau, the Margaritas Ejidal Centre is a collaborative project between Dellekamp Architects, TOA Taller de Operaciones Ambientales and the local community. Our wish was to design with and not for the community therefore, we developed several workshops that gave us the guidelines for the project. A meeting room to hold Ejidal meetings and local partys, a shop for the Flor del Desierto Association to sell their natural products, an internet and library centre, workshop rooms and a garden were the community main demands. We decided to use traditional and local techniques of construction not only to diminish the environmental impact but as well to provide training to the population, qualifying them with a new profession and skills to improve and maintain their own homes. Due to the harsh conditions of the desert a pergola was designed to provide shady circulation and a comfortable resting zone and each building positioned protecting the central area from the strong winds.

En colaboración con: Ejido de las Margaritas, Dellekamp Arquitectos, Comunidad de Aprendizaje. Financiamiento: Donadores particulares, Transformadora Ciel, Wirikuta Fest


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Las Margaritas, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

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