Encinos House

Program: Single family house.
Location: Lerma, Mexico.
Status: Project.
Architectural project: Dellekamp Arquitectos | Derek Dellekamp.
Project leader: Jachen Schleich.
Team: Santiago Solana, Luis Morales.
Renders: Carlos Zimbrón, Luis Morales.

Surrounded by a forest, the house was born from a balance between the wishes of the client and the bio-climatic requirements and regulations of the neighborhood. Located in the Encinos Golf Club, the house is a place of contrasts. On one hand, the first level eliminates the barrier between interior and exterior by opening to the south with large windows that face the golf course; the loss of heat through these surfaces is offset by the thermal mass of concrete walls that maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. In contrast, the upper level is sealed by a wooden box and a sloping roof clad in clay tiles to maintain the aesthetic of the immediate context while meeting the golf club regulations in a contemporary manner. The contrast between public and private is accentuated by a palette of materials (concrete – wood) that articulate this dichotomy throughout the house.


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Encinos, Lerma, Mexico

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