Kingboard Plaza Shanghai Phase II

Anchoring at the end of the proposed Hongqiao primary retail axial in Shanghai, and with a canal meandering through the northern edge of the site, Kingboard Plaza Shanghai Phase II is the destination for public within the Linkong Business Park.

The programme of Kingboard Plaza Shanghai Phase II, The Urban Crossing, calls for a boutique urban mixed-use project with office, retail, gallery, conference centre, and water promenade plaza. The concept is to create a brand new landmark, which further establishes a strong civic presence through its iconic form and vibrant program mix. Portrayed as the Gateway of Hongqiao Airport Transportation Hub, the project is deemed to generate synergy
from public and commercial activities.

The form consists of two office towers linked by two weaved platforms at upper and lower floors. The platforms combine with a north-south directional shift on the towers to complete the portal concept. The elevated linkages complete this iconic form, and the diagonal connections receive circulation movements from three different axes and distribute people flow to various platforms. Simple shifting and connecting paradigm enriches the overall spatial quality, while satisfying the users’ functional requirements and providing a place for drifting. The Urban Crossing is capable of hosting multiple major events, while maintaining daily commercial/retail activities as part of the urban living scene.


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Shanghai, China

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