Karawang Mosque

The Mosque located in Karawang is a social project with funding from Saudi Arabia investors. Our team of architects trying to process the mass of the mosque which is uniquely situated over the water. Begins from massing modern form (square shape), the architects trying to combine them with karawang stones given the location of this mosque in Karawang. Architects tried to explore the karawang stones with different composition and inverted, so it will gives a decorative display. Also the barriers on karawang stones will make a maximum air circulation inside the Mosque since we are not using a rigid solid wall. Not only as a prayer area, the mosque will certainly be a large place for the Koran reading in the region, so the architects created a large courtyard space on the outside for gathering overlooking directly to the best view towards the mountain.


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Karawang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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