Kannisto School

A school near Helsinki, Finland, caters to a quickly-growing suburban development.

The school architecture can currently accomodate 500 students and a daycare for 100 children, though a second phase of construction will make space for nearly 1000 kids.

The building is split between two storeys and three, with an undulating wave-like roof that extends upwards to reflect the extra level.

‘The wedge-shaped building forms great spaces for the playgrounds on its west side, while the east side follows the border of the site,’ explains architect Timo Koljonen of Linja Architects.

Located in Vantaa, about 20 km outside of Helsinki, the school sits in a significant new development area for living and working. Vantaa will offer housing for roughly 30,000 people.


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Helsinki, Finland


  • Linja Architects