Jones Lang LaSalle Orange County Office

When this traditional global real estate and investment management corporation merged with a progressive Orange County brokerage firm, the new entity moved to a larger, centrally located space in Irvine. It was time for the company—itself a specialist in workspace planning—to reimagine its own regional headquarters office to accommodate a significant cultural change.   For the new company, a one-size-fits-all solution did not exist. “Through this merger, we needed to build a custom shoe to fit our culture and our future workplace needs,” summarized the senior managing director, “and you can’t do that if you move into someone else’s space.” Unlike most brokerage firms, the new entity would operate as a team, not a group of individuals competing against one another.   Complicating the team approach, four generations would be working side by side, each sharing a common vision but from different cultural perspectives. Some were conservative, operating from private perimeter offices and workstations in the center; others were progressive, openly communicating in light-filled spaces.   Cultural diversity is one of the company’s greatest strengths, enabling it to develop a variety of solid client relationships built on quality service, collaboration, and trust. Therefore, everyone agreed that the new regional headquarters must build on this strength by supporting both conservative and progressive work styles under one strong brand.


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Park Plaza, Irvine, California, 92614, United States

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