Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre

The president of the Conseil Général de l’Hérault and l’Assemblé départementale reinforced their commitment to the cultural sector. Considering the success of cultural events currently taking place at the domaine d’O, the present theatre (with a capacity of only 220 seats) has reached its limits.

Just like the similar project at the Comédie Française, the structure is entirely built out of wood panels (KLH). From the very beginning, the design has been designed taking the natural environment of the location into account : a construction which can be entirely dismantled, the use of wood, a light architectural expression, respecting the surrounding wooded zone. The building is entirely built of recyclable material, using for instance PECF labelled wood, providing an outstanding carbon footprint for this project.

The theatre is more than remarkable in terms of energy efficiency, including the innovative heating system, an excellent insulation system and the exclusive use of LED for the lightning systems. The acoustic insulation system has been optimized in order to avoid neighborhood sound pollution and to create perfect interior acoustic settings for the stage. Retractable seating solutions, a modular stage frame, a construction that can entirely be dismantled, optimized technical zones, a bright and welcoming hallway.


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Montpellier, France

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