Infanta Sofía Hospital

The building structures itself around an orientation axis East – West and acts as a dividing line between the most external zones and the most internal ones. (Technical Block) This axis contains two circulation lines separated by a fringe in which are located the vertical elevators nucleus (restricted area) and stairways in such a way that the nucleus situated to the North joins across the medical consults zone and bureaus ( half public controlled access) and the rear one that joins the assistance areas of the technical block (restricted area).

On each side of this axis are perpendicular connected “functional containers” separated by courtyards fringes. Those situated to the north are adapted for doctor´s offices and bureaus. This process hollow empty is repeated along the north fringe of the building creating another double circulation that joins in the upper side these blocks, it is use 36 containers as the related before in the three floors of this building zone for solving the PF of the ambulatories zones.

The preceding arrangement interrupts towards the west wing generating a large vacuum “Mayor Square” that connects with the parking area by means of a ramp and elevators, this square is traversed for a covered gallery enabling to cross the building fringe in which are the external doctor´s offices and access to the main axis where it is located the technical block. At the end of this square it is located the Rehabilitation service with a direct access from the outside.

The fringe of the “functional containers” of the technical block is solved using an element of 18 m. per 25,20 m. width. The grouping (modules) according to the upright coordinate axis “Y”, of this element separated by courtyards of 4,20 m.width, allows to use a block of 66,20 m. long and 25,20 m. width (5 modules) or another of 44,40 m. long and 25,20 m width (1 module) for all the technical block areas; there are 13 largest containers and 4 of the smallest for solving all the program of the Technical Block.

These blocks are separated by non-building fringes (courtyards) of 10,80 m. width that can be constructed in ground floor as the way of Emergencies, or connect themselves indistinctly trough catwalks for creating services with major surface requirements in the different floors of the building.


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San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa, Spain

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  • PardoTapia Arquitectos
  • Pardo Calvo, Bernardo García Tapia, Luis Fernández Inglada, Juan José Arévalo Camacho, Eduardo Herráez Fernández
  • Iván González Arias, María José Puerta Morante, Pedro Montes Barbero
  • Ove Arup & Partners, S.A.U.
  • Stefano Presi (coordinador); StefaniaAlbiero
  • Luis Fernández Inglada