Impression of Infinite

The underlying philosophy maintained by metamorphOse is based on a shared vision of how to approach or design architecture with respect to the surrounding aera and also the environment, in all senses of the term. The question of scale and sustainability does not define the architecture itself, rather it stimulates different facets.

An installation though doesnt necessarily involve building new volumes or making a large scale construction. It can also include the notion of modifying a point of view, which will have an impact on the way we perceive a given area; a simple gesture which does not modify the landscape itself but rather the way we see it. This is exactly the approach taken by Impression of the Infinite: that of organising an event-volume, an installation though which dreams and fantasies can emerge.

Starting from this premise, the intervention adopts the symbol of the butterfly effect, relaying the idea that even the smallest element can have a phenomenal impact on its environment. A symbol conveyed th rough the projects double character, that of catalyst and multiplier.
Impression of the Infinite approaches the concept of abstraction, purity and the immaterial, transparence and reflection, rigidity and fluidity The installation takes on the appearence of a cloud particles, a sort of mist floating just above the floor. It seems to undulate within its space tracing the contours of an artificial cloud. Positioned like morning dew on artificial blades of grass, each drops mirrored surface returns a deformed image of its environment. By representing the environment in this way, each event is multiplied by its reflected image, a 360 mirror which also reflects the images reflected by the other globes, generating infinite reflections in a series of multiple, yet concomitant worlds.

At twilight, the mirrors dim and small phosphorescent balls light up in quick succession, getting gradually brighter as the atmosphere becomes progressively darker. The cloud of reflections transforms into a cloud of fireflies.

The silver dust is transformed into a star dust. Hybrid twigs, component of a new artificial landscape, abstraction of a fixed dawn landscape Impression of the infinite


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Domaine de Lzigno, Bziers, 34500,