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The scheme is located with in a blissfully low-rise residential area of Sukhumvit. The development is separated into two towers, each targeting to different potential tenants in character. At a glance, the two towers are visually interconnected through a folding “Bark” envelope that wraps around from the west of the thirty two-storey rear tower (Ashton) to the east of the Ten-storey front tower (Skyle). This outer skin is a combination of precast concrete panels and a plant wall, signifying the relationship between the landscape and the architectural design.

The function of this skin is to provide sun shading, but above all, it is carefully designed to change and adapt in order to control what can be seen in and out of these buildings. The bark on the west and east sides becomes a green wall, with a height of 65m on the front tower and 130m on the rear tower respectively, providing the residences and neighbours with a comfortable visual and natural environment.

The front Ten-storey tower (Skyle) is targeted for singles or young couples with the smallest unit footprint being 23.3 m2. The apartments in this building have a minimum footprint in order to control the overall unit price. However, these duplex apartments are expressed vertically to achieve a 5.4m floor to floor height. A full height cabinet along the party wall helps to maximize the storage space within these small units.

In contrast, the rear thirty two-storey tower emphasizes on the horizontal and cantilevered spaces which are targeted to families. The unit sizes and types vary from single bed to two bed duplex units with a private swimming pool and garden. A 2.4m cantilevered living space form the units along with glazing enclosure on three sides providing the maximum view from each unit.





The semi-outdoor balconies are flexible in space. The sliding window on the front face allows for a transition between a conventional balcony to an extended indoor living area.


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Sukhumvit 38, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand

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