Hundred Trees Condominium

Hailed as an enclave of environmentally sensitive modern living, this 396-unit project has two main objectives. One is to create a sustainable environment that is conducive to tropical living, while the other is to foster a sense of community among residents.

Hundred Trees is built on an elevated landscape deck that envelopes the homes within a private and exclusive space, yet also giving maintaining a sense of nature. This added height also ensures that even the lowest unit has a good view, while also minimising the need for environmentally harmful excavations.

Most units are oriented to avoid a direct east-west orientation in order to mitigate heat gain. All windows are tinted and laminated to also reduce overall temperature and traffic noise. To promote community spirit, there is generous provision for communal space as well as nodes for neighbours to meet and interact. The spine is where major facilities are located, such as the lap pool, function room, gym and clubhouse. Furthermore, each block has an eco shaft which serves as a more intimate space for residents to mingle.


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