House L

The plot of L Residence is situated in the wooded outskirts of Oosterhout.

The existing landscape, the orientation of the surrounding countryside and the local conditions determine placed behind the plot position of the house.
Increasing the ground compared to the current ground level, the large glass surfaces that are positioned on the lines of sight towards the green area and the continuous terraces on continuous cantilever roof all create an optimal experience of the outdoor space. The large overhangs provide simultaneously for the prevention of excessive light.

The ground floor houses the primary living areas and can be characterized as an open space, all rooms flow into one another, in which massive volumes and project-designed interior ensure the further articulation. In the annex are some additional functions housed with by extension the outdoor pool. Both volumes are connected underground through a basement floor where the bedrooms and baths are located. The layout of the site and the large glass also creates a beautiful view over the surrounding landscape.The office and game room are located in a separate cellar under the living.

If siding is chosen vertical western red cedar parts. The roof is equipped with a moss-sedum roof. The restrained detailing combined with the shape and the material chosen is L a contemporary house, but appropriate appearance in its rural setting.


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Oosterhout, Netherlands

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