Hostel in SKOLKOVO

The Hostel is a part of SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management Campus situated in a village near Moscow. The entire Campus is built on the basis of a so-called disk. There are four buildings on the top of it. One of them is the Hostel. The students of the Campus both study and live in Campus.

The compositional and stylistic design of the Hostel interior is a logical continuation of the entire architectural appearance of the Complex inspired by the ideas of Russian avant-garde of the beginning of the 20th century.

The typical hostel room is a projection of principles and ideas of suprematism on the interior architecture. Simple geometrical forms and a limited color palette are used for this project. Herewith functionality and coziness are achieved in the hostel room space.

The interior of hostel corridor is also inspired by the ideas of abstractionism and suprematism. Interesting solution of walls makes the space look extraordinary and futuristic.


Architects: Telemak ANANYAN, Gohar ISAKHANYAN, Argina KOCHKOYAN
3D modeling and visualization: Karen AGHAJANYAN


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Moscow Region, Russian Federation

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