Hospital Mesa del Castillo

A precast concrete crust provides the necessary insulation acoustic, thermal, psychological to protect the surrounding environment. The exterior of this building, hard and dull appearance, built with dry industrial materials reinforced concrete and corten steel as a simple perforated box, encloses an interior full of light, color and sensation provided by a square yard of 15 meters square accessible to users, a place of quiet, of calm and well insulated from noise, traffic and urban landscape of Ronda Sur.

The aging of the outer, rust stains and traces of moisture are environmentals aggression on the front left and evoke the protective function that it has on the inside. The most important objective in this project has been to give dignity a place that is usually identified with the pain, suffering and distrust caused by a sense of the overly bureaucratized medical practice that sometimes comes to deny the patients participation in the her own healing process, the expropriation of health who has denounced Ivan Ilyich.

We tried to build a place that helps to heal, effectively solving the complex functional structure which requires a hospital. The importance of the mood of the patient to the recovery process is well known and has been widely studied. The climatic conditions, light, landscape, built environment, etc. Provide habitat that determines the psychological circumstances of who occupies it.


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