Hormeta Flagship

The exterior of the Hormeta store is wrapped in high gloss acrylic, framing the views from the lobby. The bright Hormeta logo will be showcased against the lustrous black storefront above the front entrance as well as on the side. Through the glass, the eye is immediately drawn to two full-height 15-foot long interior glass walls depicting beautiful women through an imbedded transparent image. The Hormeta logo projected on the floor between the glass walls in its signature red color is complemented by a smooth black mirror on the column. Hormeta products will be displayed in custom shaped “cellular” walnut shelving, as well as on horizontal glass shelving toward the back of the store. Beautiful seating will provide the perfect balance between eclectic, modern design and luxury, an inviting element to welcome guests to take part in and experience Hormeta skin care products.


Project Type


Harrah's, United States

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