High School in Cuenca Spain

The highschool is a project located in a small town of Castilla la Mancha, Spain. Therefore, the project must meet the scale of a town of just 5000 inhabitants.

The starting conditions were a small budget and a limited area. In addition, we must take into account the extreme climate of the area.

The building is solved in two plants. Access the ground floor and first floor to complete the program.
Despite the limitation of surface, one of the achievements of the project is to be resolved in the whole program, and also give free space to the town. These spaces are the entrance porch, the back porch…

The structural system used is a great economy system, due to the low budget. It is a frames construction system, with small dimensions. We get a perfectly ordered structure that articulates the building. In the gym where they appear more dimensions, high edge beams of laminated wood are used.

The distribution and proposed structural system allow the possible future growth of the building. Therefore, an extension would be possible in future phases of development.

To solve the problems of extreme weather, the main resourses of the vernacular architecture are used: the intermediate spaces such as patios, pergolas, porches, the great court … In addition, all windows in the building are recessed to create a shadow line protect from direct sunlight.

Materiality also seeks to comply with the vernacular architecture: white architecture majority. In the project, a base of concrete blocks again looking for the economy that absorbs the irregularities of the adjacent streets, and the rest of the project finished in white continuous coating.

Volumetrically, the building tries not to cause a strong impact among the buildings surroundings. Thats why the use of pure volumes. These volumes are qualified with lighting and ventilation holes.

Only one item breaks the order sought in the project: the guard146;s eye. A powerful flying on the guardacute;s house. So the guard can observe and control everything that happens on the outskirts of the highschool. 147;The all-seeing eye148; whose shadow indicates the passage of time.

Years after the opening of school, we can see that the decisions taken in the project have been successful. Suitably lit classrooms, properly ventilated spaces, outdoor spaces enjoyed by students and teachers,…


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