Hercules Public Library

Rooted in the landscape and traditions of the town and region, Hercules Public Library draws from diverse eastern and western culturestied to the climate of courtyard missions, Eastern gardens, and the landscape of Northern California.

Sited on a raised plinth, the Library is a beacon from the freeway. Its long butterfly rake emerges from the hillsidea gesture to the form of the neighboring City Hall. Walls are clad with vertical brick tilea warm mosaic of the light and color of the place. At the southwest corner the paper lantern of dual-fritted glass sifts daylight to the reading room and glows by night.

The Library is organized around a white elliptical sky garden with a caf and reading areas around a tilted moss bed and magnolia tree. Teens are given their own high-energy space. The Childrens Library is separated from other collections as well, with the deep blue story cone transporting kids to a magical world of words and imagination.


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109 Civic Drive , Hercules , 94547 ,