A glimpse of the undulating green roof of h2hotel signals your arrival in historic downtown Healdsburg, the heart of Northern Sonoma Wine Country. The sister property to the acclaimed luxury Hotel Healdsburg, h2hotel is a sustainable inn, where a simple modern aesthetic meets comfortable rusticity in a stylish retreat. The bright airy lobby with a welcoming fireplace and chill lounge is the perfect place for an evening cocktail before dinner at h2s casual restaurant, Spoonbar!.

h2s 36 serene light-filled guest rooms have an elegant utilitarian quality. Each guest room and suite has its own patio or balcony and looks out onto the beauty of Healdsburg and Fitch Mountain or over Foss Creek and a lushly landscaped interior courtyard. h2hotel is designed with an eco-consciousness and the latest in environmental technology. Striving for a LEED Gold certification in constructionsolar heating, a living roof, innovative heating and air systems, an underground cistern for water collection and construction using sustainable and local materials are just a few of the features h2hotel uses to reduce its environmental impact.

Reclaiming the site of a gas station, the inn is a key part of the restoration of Foss Creek, which flows through the length of the town. The inn embraces the creek, preserving the giant, spreading Live Oak tree and restoring the surrounding banks. The hotel rejects fussiness and caters to active users with a scaled-down pragmatic luxury. In contrast to the energetic common spaces, the simple and functional rooms offer a restful retreat from the activity of busy north Sonoma County days.

Registered for LEED NC 2.2 Gold certification, h2 Hotel infuses all aspects of its design, operations, and attitude with eco-consciousness. The hotel received additional points on its LEED Checklist for innovation.


Built on the former site of a gas station, h2h removed all contaminated soil and remediated the land during construction.

h2h inititiated and is continuing work with local community groups to protect Foss Creek, which runs through the property, and to restore the creek bed and riparian habitat.

During construction, h2h followed an erosion-control plan to minimize site runoff and protect the neighboring properties and creek bed.

More than 60 of the total siteincluding the living roofhas been left as landscaped open space to promote biodiversity, and the majority of the developed site has been planted with drought-tolerant native species.

h2h filters all rain water through its green roof and a vegetated swale to reduce wear on the Citys storm-drain system.

h2hs living roof, cool-roof system, and light-color paving reduce its heat island effect, minimizing the impact on the local microclimate.

Located near the town square H2h is within easy walking distance of community services, shopping and restaurants, and the hotel provides bicycles and bicycle parking for guests and staff.


The hotels high-efficiency irrigation system uses one-third the water consumed by typical local landscaping.

Dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets and fixtures reduce water use by 20.

Artist Ned Kahns Spoon Fountain at the entry uses rainwater captured from the green roof.


All lights, fans, and air conditioners are controlled by occupancy sensors to reduce electricity use when guest rooms are empty.

The windows in the public space feature dual panes, low E glazing and shading devices that reduce heat gain. The glazing and window shades are cradle-to-cradle certified, complying with rigid environmental standards through production and future recyclability.

Solar panels on the roof heat the swimming pool and the hot water in the guest rooms and reduce electricity consumption

The gearless traction EcoSpace elevator uses 60 less electricity than a standard hydraulic elevator.

An independent commissioning consultant reviewed the design and installation of the mechanical and plumbing systems to ensure efficiency. h2h is designed to use 27.8 less energy than the standard hotel in California.

Materials Resources

h2hotel promotes waste reduction through reusable recycling bins in all the rooms, recycling and compost containers for staff in service areas, and available educational resources.

H2hotel recycled more than 85 of the construction debris, diverting waste from landfill and incinerator.

The custom furnishings, exterior wood decking, main stair, and meeting room floor are made from salvaged lumber in percentages far exceeding the LEED standard.

More than half of the non-reclaimed wood usedincluding all of the rough framing and structural sheathing, the redwood sunscreen and siding, the lobby ceiling, the folding doors, and all door and window frameswas certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for responsible forest management

Many of the materials selected for the hotelincluding the architectural steel, steel planters, concrete, and glazingcontain a high percentage of recycled content.

Many of the materials fabricated for the hotelincluding those for the green roof, custom furnishings, and framingwere sourced and manufactured within 500 miles of Healdsburg.

All of the artwork in the hotel has been created by local artists and artisans.

Indoor Environment

The building is 100 tobacco-free.

The mechanical system provides fresh air at a rate of at least 150 that of a standard hotel.

All interior paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and composite wood products were selected for their low volatile organic compound VOC content to promote a healthy environment

During construction, the contractor protected all the HVAC equipment and building materials and maintained a clean environment for construction workers and building occupants.

All air ducts were protected from moisture and debris during delivery, installation, and heavy construction.

The mechanical system design has been evaluated to meet industry standards for thermal comfort conditions. Occupants will be surveyed 6 to 8 months after opening to verify the thermal comfort and make adjustments if necessary.

The lighting and temperature controls are personally operable to enhance guest comfort.

More than 90 of the regularly occupied space in the hotel has a direct view to the outside.


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