Green Corner Townhouse

Green Corner Townhouse is a residential proposal in PJMI Bintaro Jaya, Tangerang. The concept presented in this townhouse is quite different from the Oasis Corner on the corner of its region, this corner accommodate a place to interact and become communal area for residents who currently often forgotten by many developers there. The concept of Green architecture is applied through the concept of 2 house 1 tree in this region, where each house will have a half pot on its side and another side facing to the ground so it will make a whole pot and it can be planted with large trees to add more greening in that area. This area is design with 2 types of homes and 4 units of shophouses on the front of the complex, so the residential and commercial needs can be met in the region.


Project Type


PJMI, Tangerang, Indonesia

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