Grand Hyatt Shenzhou Peninsula Resort

The 52,260-SM Grand Hyatt Shenzhou Peninsula Resort is one of the first Grand Hyatt Resorts to be developed in China. Located on the western edge of the Cove 1 development of the Shenzhou Peninsula in Wanning, Hainan, the site is endowed with spectacular natural beauty. Taking full advantage of sweeping ocean views to the south and panoramic mountain and bay views to the north, the client wanted to create a resort unlike any otherone that boasts a wealth of world-class amenities that provides guests with a sense of privacy and exclusivity not found at comparably sized hotels. This was achieved through a thoughtful mix of guestroom and meeting room options as well as carefully crafted landscaping throughout the project. Each structure blends naturally into the landscape without overwhelming the spectacular beauty of the tropical surroundings and sandy beach.

RTKL designed an impressive program for the all-inclusive experience. The resorts guestrooms are arranged in villa-like clusters of small buildings, and the 2,490-SM spa, Grand Hyatt Club and Hyatt Kids Camp, along with the 4,780-SM Marina Village are designed to reflect the scale of ancient fishing villages.

The 358 guestrooms fall into three distinct areas: the Garden Village, the Beachfront and the Grand Club. While all three areas offer superior rooms, the Grand Club, with the highest level finishes and largest site area per room, is the most magnificent. These four-unit, two-story guestrooms offer guests private outdoor showers, balconies with exquisite garden and sea views and access to the Grand Club Lounge. The Garden Village and Beachfront buildings are sheltered by lush native plantings, yet still provide beach access and breathtaking views.

The 3,850-SM of meeting facilities, ballroom, and guest amenities provide an equally exclusive and lavish visit for travelers. Meeting “residences” are perched on private waterfront locations above restored mangrove vegetation. A communal display kitchen with adjacent open-air dining areas serves as the gathering point for the meeting residences, while the ballroom rounds out the meeting space offerings.

With exceptional shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities at each turn, the Grand Hyatt Shenzhou Peninsula is evermore a tropical paradise. The overall planning and design concepts are focused on creating an unforgettable vacation experience, tied to the unique local culture and context.

Green and sustainable practices are an integral part of construction as well as operations within the resort. Water features utilize advanced technology methods for purifying and reusing water throughout the resort. Grand Hyatt Shenzhou Peninsula Resort and Residences will be an ecologically sound, naturally beautiful luxury destination, a crowning jewel of the South China Sea.


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