Google Office in Dublin

Camenzind Evolution, in collaboration with Henry J. Lyons Architects, has expanded the Google campus in Dublin from two buildings to four. Three of the edifices were renovated: ‘Gasworks House’ ‘Gordon House’ and ‘One Grand Canal’ (1GC). Joining them, ‘Google Docks’ is the newest and tallest of the group, and it consists of fourteen individually-themed floors of creative work environments. Each level embodies a value revered by the company, such as ‘search’, ‘appiness’, ‘be green’, ‘@home’, ‘create,’ ‘organize,’ ‘innovate’. An open floor plan allows the maximum collaborative work space. As flexibility encourages creativity, a wide range of areas where employees can meet and work, from the expected meeting rooms, desks, kitchens, and cafes to the more novel game and music rooms, informal meeting spaces, and a gym with a pool. The identity of each area is composed of a unique material and color palette, obviously or subconsciously suggestive of the theme.


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Dublin, Ireland

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