Goocha-sea food restaurant

Goocha-sea food restaurant, Tel Aviv, is situated in the heart of very popular hi tech offices area. In designing it we wanted to create a contrast atmosphere of design, breaking the cold steel and glass reflected from environment. Along with major effort to bring the spirit of sea to that area of the city, Goocha’s design is an eclectic design, combines styles from traditional classic to new “used, second hand” style. The tone is set with natural palette. A light blue touch was added as if it was blown from the sea. Sexy parts of kitchen were revealed and moved forward toward clients sitting on the bar, who can actually see there dishes cocked in front of them, giving the feeling of real fish market on exotic ports, creating live atmosphere of fire and sweat. Polished concrete floors create neutral surface for furniture. For more intimate dining experience we divide the main sitting area with special partition made of wood and glass. Wood was painted artistically to match the used jeans fabric we used on the coaches. Wall was covered with rough wood washed with white transparent color, and canvas printed with branding graphics inspired with sea creatures’ visualization. Ceiling was covered with mineral acoustic foam tiles cut and painted on their edges to reduce noise and create really nice conversation atmosphere.


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Tel Aviv, IL, 6803922, Israel

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