Gktrk Arketip Housing

The Archetype project holds different measurements than the other three projects designed at the same time in the area of Gktrk. Among the factors which affected the massive development and settlement of the project are; the few number of floors which the surrounding buildings held, the proximity to the forest at the southern end, the requirement to utilize areas underneath the roof, and the owners wishes regarding flat dimensions. Other influences on the design consist of tensions between private vs. public spaces, pedestrian vs. vehicular areas, the performance over time of main building and landscape materials, as well as the optimization of the general expenses during the time of usage.
A linear plan, composed of a shared main entry, service and wet areas inside flats, hallways, main areas, and terraces, is placed on a regular structure, and is repeated at each different flat type, making maximum use of natural light. Such an order also makes possible varieties of flats which might come about during the time of construction. The middle areas of the apartment buildings which lie on the east-west axis are loosened and detached, creating deep voids which provide attractive public spaces on the north-south axis, and form a relationship with the social facility located below the ground level. The voids between the building blocks form private gardens. Such detachments also create terraces to be utilized at the upper levels. The main faade materials include natural stone, wood, and concrete, which are materials that age well with time. The private gardens at the ground level are replaced with large terraces at the upper levels. The mobile screens that surround these terraces provide protection from wind and light, as well as form a unique and shifting aesthetic construction, by their various ways of usage.


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