Gillett Klinkowstein Residence

“Reality will kill you unless you deal with it through myths and metaphors…” – T. Klinkowstein

“The snow houses I built in Ohio as a child, (inside on a sunny day the light is wonderful. The acoustics are distinctly sleep inducing).” – E. Gillett

The program was to design a residence for a couple, a media consultant and a fashion designer. By the nature of their respective interests, there was a juxtaposition of “soft” and “hard” sensibilities to be resolved. Light entering the space was minimal and from one side. The fusion of the two sensibilities is achieved through the materials which also serve to reveal the light. The light infiltrates the space through a series of layers, of translucent glass and screens of hogwire. The glass is rigid but its translucency is yielding. The hogwire is woven from flexible plastic but its density and three-dimensional plait feels stiff. These translucent surfaces transform to opaque, depending on the shifting light and movement of the inhabitants. The space is activated by the layers and their variability, creating a sense of depth and luminosity.


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New York, New York, 10001, United States

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