Garden of 10,000 Bridges

As both a distinct sense of enclosure and vantage points are provided, the Garden plays with the sensation of surprise. In the design advantage is taken of the strategic, central position of the plot, and views to other parts of the exhibition are integrated with those to the features of the park and the surrounding landscape.

Gardens tell a story. They combine poetry and narrative. The Garden of 10,000 Bridges represents the human life; the path of people’s lifetime, which is a routine of uncertainty and burden, but also of highlights and elation. The garden design takes you on this walk of life as a meandering, winding trail – continuous and like a labyrinth. It lets you find your way through nature and takes you over 10,000 bridges.

The Garden of 10,000 Bridges plays with perspective views, limits and the sensation of surprise. The integration of views to the surrounding parts of exhibitions takes advantage of the perfect position of our plot towards the lake and main features of the park.

The concept is very simple and strong. There is only one entrance and one exit of the path which goes through the garden. The narrow path is curling through the garden of bamboo and passing over and under each bridge in the meanwhile. The visitor is not able to see at which point of the garden he is located and how much of its way he has finished. In these moments the visitor is limited to himself, possible the person in front of him and the sounds of the moving bamboo.

The situation changes dramatically at the 5 bridges. The visitor climbs up the steep bridges to reach the top that sticks out from the dense vegetation.

Each bridge allows another spectacular view. The bridges are situated to fit perfectly into the optimal relationship to the viewpoints that are defined by the surrounding.


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Xi'an, China

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