Garden House at the Pond Másílko

Másílko originated as a water reservoir at the beginning of the last century. It served for supplying the industrial objects in Humpolec, subsequently, as fire reservoir. In 1999 the water area with linking up land was purchased to private ownership and cultivated as a pond.

The garden house is situated at the northern dam of the pond. It is a seasonal object that serves as background for the visitors.

The object is formed by simple mass. It has the ground plan form of the dimensions 11.7 x 3.54 m, the height at the top point above terrain is 5.5m. The ground plan is height articulated – the entrance part with social background, storeroom and bedroom is at the level of entrance to the land, the main residential premise is elevated above the dam of the pond where through the terrace and staircase it is connected with the water surface. The roof is flat, in a part with a slope. The actual roof of the cottage is a tarpaulin stretched on steel arches outside the object.

Peripheral and partition walls, the floor and roof were made as wooden sandwich structures: bearing pillars and beams with filling by thermal insulation and sheathing by waterproof plywood from the outside and inside sides.


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Humpolec, Czech Republic

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