Fundamentals: Form-ContraForm , an installation by Bekkering Adams architects

FUNDAMENTALS: Form-ContraForm puts the definition and perception of space and infinity on center stage. The installation provides an experience that is shaped by the physical boundaries of space, as well as it is extended beyond the tangible.

Within the exhibition space, a homogeneous volume of 2.4 * 2.4 m is defined by14.000 balls hanging on wires, as coordinates in space. The cube defines a mass within the room; within the cube a cavity is created in which visitors can enter. Surrounded by a cloud of bullets they experience the boundary as well as the perception of the endlessness of space. Through light projections and reflections in the floor the plains in the mass are highlighted so that an endless reflection and projection arises.

Bekkering Adams architects developed Form-ContraForm with BeersNielsen Light designers, Iguzzini Lighting systems and ABT Structural engineers. It was made with support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.  It is currently exhibited in Palazzo Mora, as part of the collateral event Time, Space, Existence of the Global Art Affairs Foundation, a collateral event of the Architecture Biennale in Venice 2014 .

Address and Opening Hours:

Palazzo Mora, Strada Nuova 3659, Cannaregio area Venezia

open daily 10.00 until 18.00 hrs, closed on Tuesday

The exhibition runs from 5th of June until the 23th of November 2014


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Strada Nova 3659, Venice, Italy

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