Frederiksberg Courthouse

Court of Frederiksberg is the result of a thorough and pragmatic process in which the challenges of the program and the position offered, was the creative starting point for 3XN. The result is an elegant building, which at one time appears classic and modern.
The architecture takes its cue from the nearby neoclassical courthouse designed by Hack Kampmann and built 1921. To ensure a respectful dialogue with Kampmann building selected 3XN only to use part of the 5,000 m2 of land, as well as keeping the new courthouse lower against Kampmann building to the east, while it is rising against the higher and newer buildings to the south.
These choices result in a compact structure at a total of 5.500 m2, which has a respectful angle of 45 degrees with respect to the protected courthouse. There is an open corridor between the two buildings, which are connected by a bridge at glass.
Some old street trees are preserved by allowing the western facade bow elegant.
The facade of brick and brick expresses solidity and creates clear references to the existing cityscape. By lifting the facade of the main entrance and select facade stones in bright tones added ease and courthouse receives a clear identity.
The interior is designed in accordance with the values ​​of a modern democracy. There is thus given to all users, from the staff to the accused, experiencing a logical and friendly environment with optimal separate access and traffic conditions.
An atrium with skylights cut into the middle of the building and pulls the daylight deeply into the housing simultaneously with the creation of visual links between the floors. A light installation with changing light promotes a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.
Sustainability Strategy has been ambitious. The building’s compact shape, the good use of daylight and natural ventilation, combined with thermo-active surfaces with night cooling significant energy savings. In addition, the building has a green roof.


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Frederiksberg, Denmark

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