Frame Box House

When deciding a massing concept, the client requested a 3 leveled house in a 195 m2 land, the client wants an open and wide, with unlimited view house.. The architect had to deal with that request to make a massing pattern based on box shape with a frame list and covered by glass, in order to create a great lighting and a house with unlimited view in front and back of the house. The facade of the house is designed with a spider glass, For the stair, the architect made a hanging stair to express the owner’s desire who wants an open and wide house with an unlimited view. This house is designed to have a natural air circulation to cooling the house when the air conditioner isn’t switched on, the architect made a lot of open spaces and also made the height of floor to floor until 4.2 m high, which makes the room cooler and fresh. The fence on the side of the house is designed with large vines which becomes a green fence. The Guest room is designed to express the owner’s profession as a Director of Coating company. This wall room has a 19 rainbow color display with color gradation, of course that finishing material used the coating from the owner’s company.



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The Green BSD, Tangerang, Indonesia

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