Fitnesspark Einstein

The heart of the five story Fitness Park Einstein beats as a hovering water crystal pool, flooded with the light of the overlying atrium.

Above the three-story cascade steps of the fitness center floats the transparent and/or translucent basin. This focal point motivates the fitness customers, and tells of a promise, which will redeem. The horizontal, translucent screen under pools transparent, acrylic bottom can be used flexibly.

As time and experience horizon, the light and shadow of the pool separate and connect the joy of active health education with the subsequent, completing contemplation in the spa area. The guests views glide from the pool through the atrium with the operable glass roof into the vastness of the ether.

To introduce a courtyard so far is a standard procedure. But to “occupy” it with functions – suspended swimming pool on the 4th floor and below its orchestration with the cascade stairs main circulation in fitness clothes – is the key to two highlights:

The heart of the project as light source and as time and experience horizon
The optimum utilization of the square meters available at this site


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St Gallen,