“fish”-a lounge restobar

“fish”-a lounge restobar

Far from any urban life and relocated from sea shore, “fish” became at his new location a destination restaurant, counting on old clients to relocate themselves as well.

Due to those new industrial surroundings and to extra effort forced on clients we were instructed to create a ‘magnet’ design and an atmosphere which will throw clients far from environment image.

Design concept was simplified into 3 words: eating, drinking, and socializing. Main idea is to create balanced fusion between restaurant dining experience and bar lounging.

It was only natural to embrace design atmosphere of comfort lounge, New York loft style.

The ceiling height allowed us to divide space into 2 floors. Second floor hosting  (along with toilets) 2 private lounges. A dramatic steel and concrete bridge is cutting the restaurant main hall, like sharp knife, connecting the private lounges to staircase. A glass sliding doors system is attached to bottom of bridge. During evening time thus door demarcate the bar area and transforming it into closed smoking area.

Layout was design to create intimate corners, not too intimate so people can have both privacy and socializing.it was very important to us to include the cocking atmosphere so kitchen wall turned into glass wall, allowing clients to be part of it.

Bar was located in middle of space in a way that created the option for hidden sitting spots.

We choose dark color pallet to backup lounge atmosphere.

A tall concrete wall holding and separating the staircase system from main hall.in upper part of that wall we reproduce a giant 3 meter diameter clock gear made of wood parts, painted in artistic way so actually it look like real clock gear rescued from deep ocean covered with oil and rust. We have attached a small motor and rubber belt to gear to make it move and become a kinetic huge sculpture.

We covered 2nd floor flooring with carpet to reduce noise and to achieve domestic atmosphere.

Light was designed costume made, inspired by marcel wanders “Can Can” lighting, we designed a series of 3 different shaped metal and curtain fabric lighting.

Main wall, 7 meter high, decorated minimalistic to act as a background to Ilan Adar portrait drawing. Art was chosen carefully to match and to strengthen main idea that it’s all about people.









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Tel Aviv, IL, Israel

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